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As an open innovation platform, SARGASSO is a big fan of cross-sector revolutions.  Lightweight materials pose a cross-sector enabler of common challenges. A brilliant excuse to make different sectors meet and learn about new solutions and technologies relevant in all aspects where lightweight construction is key. In this webinar you will learn about innovative manufacturing solutions for composite materials from Dr. Nandan KHOKAR, Ph.D. Fellow of The Textile Institute, UK, Co-founder and R&TD Manager at Biteam AB, Sweden, former Professor at University of Borås.. 


Three weaves, three matrix architectures, three unique solutions

Composite materials are lightweight and strong because of the textile reinforcements they are made from. Most of the present composites are made using traditional sheet-like textiles and are hence laminated structures which are prone to delamination. Laminated composites also present certain limitations in making certain constructions and usage. The solution to have advanced composite materials for different applications and simplifying constructions using them lies in the way textile reinforcements are engineered. This talk aims to present some novel 2D and 3D textile solutions developed specifically for composite materials’ application. “

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You have a great idea for a project, or perhaps for a product or service. But you need partners, and for whatever reason, you want to reach out of your usual network and find new contacts. Perhaps the best partners are in another industry and unknown to you so you use SARGASSO to get outside of your circle of the ususal suspects. Or perhaps you know exactly whom would be the ideal business partner but you would rather make an anonymous approach through SARGASSO than approach them directly yourself.
You decide the tranparency of your request and the level of detail you are comfortable with and we reach out to the partners you want to get in touch with.

So where to start? You start of with your pitch! You either book a meeting or fill in the Pitch-form;
The Pitch is the baseline of your proposal and what we use to make sure there is a clear market value and to see what sort of cooperation you are looking for. A successful Pitch has a strong focus on the competitive advantage of your proposal. Although it won’t be passed on in its full form, don’t include confidential information in the Pitch as parts of it might be passed on for referencing and stakeholder input.

Fill in your Pitch here

After a successful pitch, you will need to define whether you have a Request for Project Partners (RPP) or a Request for Solution Providers (RSP).


Are you looking for project partners? You have an idea for a project or a business venture and you want to reach out to new contacts. You can use SARGASSO to find project partners for a project that is missing crucial partners for a strong consortia.

Fill in your Request for Project Partners (RPP) here


Are you looking for a solution to a technical or service based problem?
If your innovation (product or service) is close to market but you are lacking some parts of the puzzle to go the full distance and reach commersialisation you are welcome to fill in the Request for Solution Providers (RSP).
The RSP should define your technical and/or service-based challenge. It is typically on the middle/higher end of the TRL-scale*. It should state the scope of your challenge and the business case. Make sure your request is understandable and appealing to partners outside of your own industry.

Fill in your Request for Solution Providers here


After the deadline for expression of interest has passed we will get back to you with the response from our network and the partners you requested for. After some time we will get in touch and follow up, apart from that what follows next is all up to you. You decide wich partners you wish to cooperate with and that best fit your needs. If you get to the point where you need advice on project financing we are happy to point you in the right direction.