When and how do I use SARGASSO?

You have a great idea for a project, or perhaps for a product or service. But you need partners, and for whatever reason, you want to reach out of your usual network and find new contacts. Perhaps the best partners are in another industry and unknown to you so you use SARGASSO to get outside of your circle of the ususal suspects. Or perhaps you know exactly whom would be the ideal business partner but you would rather make an anonymous approach through SARGASSO than approach them directly yourself.

You decide the transparency of your request and the level of detail you are comfortable with and we reach out to the partners you want to get in touch with.

So where to start? You start of with your pitch! You either book a meeting or fill in the Pitch-form; The Pitch is the baseline of your proposal and what we use to make sure there is a clear market value and to see what sort of cooperation you are looking for. A successful Pitch has a strong focus on the competitive advantage of your proposal. Although it won’t be passed on in its full form, don’t include confidential information in the Pitch as parts of it might be passed on for referencing and stakeholder input.
Fill in your Pitch here

After a successful pitch, you will need to define whether you have a Request for Project Partners (RPP) or a Request for Solution Providers (RSP).