Friends of SARGASSO


SARGASSO’s friends is the strength of our service. Together we create value for a wide variety of industries with an interest in the growing potential of the blue sectors. Co-operating with SARGASSO is a way in for other clusters to create value for their members. When we recieve requests for  partners outside of our own blue areas of expertise we reach out to our friends that have the same motivation as we do – to help companies grow, accelerate circular and sustainable solutions and to make business and contacts prosper.

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SARGASSO is connected to two different project to support with matchmaking and innovation; The Connected Ship and RAMSES (through the E-LASS network).

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Blue Science Park
Industriella UtvecklingsCentra Syd
Media Evolution
Mobile Heights
Swedish Maritime Technology Forum
Maritima Klustret

Associated Projects

The Connected Ship

Is a project funded by the Nordic Innovation which focuses on the challenge of connecting ships throught the use of digital solutions.

Learn more about the project

RAMSSES (Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships)


Is an EU-funded project looking to prove the benefits of using lightweight materials in the maritime sector.

Learn more about the project