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photo by Jackie Chou | Unsplash


SARGASSO is an open innovation platform building on maritime skills, needs and competencies. It is a free of charge service that matchmakes between those with a challenge or an idea and those with a solution.


Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation – What are the strategies and what do you need to know?

Join us for a free webinar where we will look into different approaches in managing IP-rights when developing new products and services. Intellectual property rights were created to encourage innovation and reward entrepreneurs and innovators but have turned out to be a potentially gruesome process, costing both time and money.   
What are the different aspects companies ought to consider in their IP management? And what can be learned from those whom have made the journey?    

Experience and know-how will be shared from;
Daniel Thorbjörnsson,  the law firm MAQS “Innovating with others – what to consider in the contractual relationships”
Per Bjerndell, RISE Technology Transfer Office. ”Patent – a multi-purpose tool". Per is a patent nerd/specialist with a background in companies like AkzoNobel and AstraZeneca, now at RISE Technology Transfer Office where he is responsible for RISE’s patent operations. 
Peter Sjögren, researcher in innovation at RISE will talk about IPR in an Innovation Context.
Thorbjörn Lund, OPTIXMARINE ; Optixmarine is a Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge nominee this year. They started their journey in 2015 when they invented a way of enabling ships optimization that never had been seen before. In the upcoming two years the design was taken to a full scale prototype unit. Vast tests were performed onboard a 13000 ton coastal oil tanker and after two thousand hours the result came back, proving the product enabled a total saving of fuel consumption and emissions with more than 25% approx, 1300ton CO2. 

When?: 26th November @ 10:00-12:00 
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SARGASSO webinar (passed event)

Three weaves, three matrix architectures, three unique solutions
As an open innovation platform, SARGASSO is a big fan of cross-sector revolutions.  Lightweight materials pose a cross-sector enabler of common challenges. This talk let different sectors meet and learn about new solutions and technologies relevant in all aspects where lightweight construction is key. 

The webinar focused on novel 2D and 3D textile solutions developed specifically for composite materials’ application and the talk was given by Dr. Nandan KHOKAR, Ph.D. Fellow of The Textile Institute, UK, Co-founder and R&TD Manager at Biteam AB, Sweden, former Professor at University of Borås.
20200702 Webinar Recording

The maritime industry is changing suits

The so called Blue Growth* is on the rise. So is the urgent need for new innovative solutions that address environmental concerns and a sustainable development of products, goods and services. As a result, the maritime industry is changing suits, getting more connected, automatized and dressed with new materials and energy carriers. It is an expanding market expected to grow by

USD 3 trillion** by 2030 according to the OECD’s Ocean Economy Database in a business-as-usual scenario (compared to 2010 levels). Several areas of  blue industry segments are expected to grow faster than the global economy in general such as port activities, aquaculture and offshore wind to name a few.

*Blue Growth entails, but is not limited to; fisheries and aquaculture, shipping, shipbuilding and marine equipment, marine extraction of oil and gas, maritime transport, coastal tourism, marine biotech, desalination and use of fresh water sources, ocean renewable energy and seabed mining.
** The Ocean Economy in 2030, OECD Publishing

New opportunities on the horizon

As the transformation progresses the sea and landbased technology development gets increasingly intervened and the gap between the two shrinks. The growth rate of blue sectors will be dependent on the ease of cross-sectorial co-operation and the capability of incorporating and

adapting trends and know-how from tangent industries.  A successfull outcome opens up for new innovations and business opportunities between industries with completely different skill sets. This is where SARGASSO fills its purpose – to

matchmake between the blue industry and solution providers from a wide range of different business segments. Please join the Friends of SARGASSO-community and sign up to receive proposals and requests. All sectors are welcome – we like diversity.